Shelby came to live with us at the same time as Autumn.  She was called “Shelly” at the rescue
but since our daughter’s name is also Shelly, we changed it to Shelby.  

Shelby’s original pictures reminded me so much of my Angel who I lost back in 2010.  Little
Shelby only weighed 5 pounds at the time of her adoption.  And she was such a nervous little
pup which told me she must have had a terrible start to her life.  She seemed especially
nervous around men.  I held her on my lap the entire trip back to our house and she just
trembled in fear.  After we got home she tried to hide every time John walked into the room.  
She was ok around the other dogs and me but wouldn’t even take a treat from John.

It didn’t take her too long to realize that she was finally in a safe environment.  And she
certainly couldn’t resist the pieces of cheese that John offered the others.  Soon she was right
in line waiting for her piece of cheese.  

Shelby will always be a bit on the nervous side as she still jumps when she hears a sudden or
loud noise.  But she loves us both and insists on giving kisses very freely.  Every morning she
jumps up on John’s lap, gives just one little lick on the face, and then jumps down.  She just
won't settle down without this morning ritual being completed.  And whenever I come in the
house from somewhere (even if it’s just a walk down to the mailbox) she has to give me a kiss
and won’t stop jumping on me until this happens.

Shelby is a prime example of a dog that had a rough beginning and made a complete turnaround
with lots of love and patience.  And she has proven that she has a lot of love to give.
The first picture we saw of Shelby that was sent to me
by my friend in England
The first picture I took at
our first meeting
Autumn and Shelby at our first meeting
Below are pictures taken during Shelby's first year with us.  She learned quickly that life could
be a lot of fun
And she learned that sometimes it could be lots of fun
to be a little naughty.
Here is Shelby after about a year of living with us.  
Just look at the difference a year can make.
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Published December 15, 2018