Once again it's time for another update on
All The Dogs In My Life.

The year 2019 was a fairly quiet year.  All our pups enjoyed good health, as did our

The year 2020 was a year of turmoil in many ways.  The year was filled with a lot of
stress and a lot of worry.  Fortunately our family was in good health throughout the
year except for a few foot problems that I have been experiencing for the last few
months.  Hopefully that will be resolved soon, or at least be somewhat improved.

Sadly, however, we lost three of our furbabies during 2020.  I would like to
acknowledge them now.

Our first loss was our sweet
Amber.  She began her journey to Rainbow Bridge on
January 12 and just missed her 16th birthday by 15 days.
Amber fought hard to stay with us and was winning her battle with kidney failure for
over six months.  But she just wasn't able to win that last battle.  She will be loved
and missed forever.
This was Amber's last picture before
taking her last car ride to the vet's
Please visit Amber's
personal page
for my final tribute to her
Our next baby to leave us was 15-year-old Jennie.  Jennie was also a fighter who
battled the evil C-monster.  In the fall of 2019 Jennie was diagnosed with Thyroid
Cancer.  She never gave up the battle and refused to surrender until April when she
didn't have the strength to fight anymore.
Please visit Jennie's
personal page
for my final tribute to her
Our Autumn left us very unexpectedly only 3 weeks ago.  We are still in shock and I'm
still trying very hard to accept that she's gone.  There were no signs whatsoever that
our baby was hiding the fact that she had liver cancer for quite some time.  We took
her in for a dental cleaning on a Wednesday.  The vet did a lot of preliminary tests as
he always does before a surgery and everything was fairly normal.  Her liver numbers
were slightly elevated but that was considered normal for a dog Autumn's age of 12.  
She was fine after the dental procedure but the following day she became very weak.  
We took her back to the vet who decided to hospitalize her.  Her blood sugar was very
low and the vets continued to monitor her throughout the night.  She fell into a coma
late on Thursday.  On Friday her blood sugar was still low in spite of being on a glucose
drip throughout the night.  At this point the vet decided to perform an ultrasound and
the liver tumor was discovered.  Apparently the tumor had been there for quite some
time but Autumn never let on that anything was wrong.  Her heart stopped on Friday
morning but the vet was able to bring her back....at least for a little while.  At
lunchtime she coded a second time and took her last breath.  
These two pictures were taken the very first time we met Autumn back in 2012.
Autumn had only two toys that she considered to be her babies.  At night when she
went to sleep, she always had to have at least one (or both) of her "babies" with her
and would actually panic if she couldn't immediately locate them.
It was very obvious right from the start that Autumn was her "Daddy's girl".  John
nicknamed her "Shocka" because he said she was a "warrior".  I can't even describe
the bond the two of them had.  When John was home, she was always with him,
snuggling up to him.  And when he had to leave the house without her, she would always
find a pair of his shoes and lay down with them.  Nothing (even offering her a treat)
would get her to leave those shoes until he returned home.
Please visit Autumn's
personal page
for my final tribute to her
Our sweet Max is now our oldest and will turn 17 years old in January.  Max is
Amber's littermate.  They both came to live with us when they were only 8 weeks old.  
Max is still grieving the loss of his sister.  He wanders around aimlessly and sniffs the
spots where she enjoyed sleeping and just whines and wimpers.  I always knew they
shared a special kind of bond but I never realized just how tight that bond was until
she was gone.
In 2019 Max shared his birthday cake with his sister, Amber
In 2020 Max had his birthday cake all alone
Is it possible that Max knew his sister was in the box?  He smelled it for quite a while
Max is most definitely showing his age and has slowed down quite a bit except when
supper time rolls around.  Then he actually bounces through the house to reach his food
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Next in line is 12 1/2-year-old Annie
Annie has always loved squeezing herself into extra small spaces.  She also hates having
her picture taken so there aren't very many pictures of her around
Shelby is my leap year baby born on February 29, 2012.
She will soon turn 9 years old
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Shelby's personal page can
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Next we have 8 1/2-year-old Pepper
Pepper loves nothing better than to jump into a pile of warm clothes fresh out of the
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Our number five is Lexi.  Lexi was found as a stray in the Tampa area and transported
by a rescue group to the Ft. Myers area.  Her age now is estimated to be about 4 or
5 years old
Lexi's personal page can
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Always ready to go bye-bye!
Yes, Lexi was found with a
broken jaw.  It doesn't
seem to bother her at all.  
It makes her unique and
gives her character!
Finally.....Introducing Bella
Bella joined our family in March of this year.  She had just been picked up by the
rescue group after living her entire life as a breeder dog in a puppy mill in Miami.  Her
age is approximately 5 or 6 years old.  Considering her previous life, she has adapted
into a normal life perfectly and has turned into one of the sweetest pups I have ever
known.  I do believe she has forgotten about the horrible life she had.  I only wish
more like her could be rescued and given loving, forever homes.
These pictures were taken the first couple of days with us
Bella's first haircut to eliminate all the mats from the puppy mill life
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Please enjoy the following pictures of the gang just enjoying each other's company
Everyone comes together when there are treats to be shared!
From Our House To Yours...
We all wish you a very happy
holiday season, a Merry
Christmas, and a New Year full
of good health and happiness!
Published December 10, 2020