I just can't believe that it's been six years since I updated my website.  I'm determined to fix
this situation right here, right now.  In all honesty, this is a case of life completely getting in the
way of everything that I enjoyed so much in the past, especially working on my web pages.

A lot has happened over the last six years.  Back in 2012 we started a major remodeling
project of our home.  That was delayed through no fault of our own and it was finally completed
in 2013.  In 2014 our son, Jeff, purchased some land in Cape Coral, FL where he will begin
building his new home in early 2021.  John liked the area where Jeff will be moving and we
started looking at land in the same area.  In late 2014 we purchased some land just across the
canal where Jeff will be building.  We decided not to wait for a later date to build a home.  Our
new home was started on June 15, 2015, which was our 47th wedding anniversary.  What an
anniversary gift!!!!!

In February of 2015 our daughter, Shelly, was hospitalized in very serious condition due to
complications with Lupus.  We came very close to losing our baby girl that year.  She was in a
coma for a month and the doctors didn't have a very good prognosis.  She spent the entire year
in the hospital, then in a rehab facility, and back to the hospital again.  Things finally turned
around for her at Christmas time 2015 and she was released to come home and back to her
twins, Rylee and Nolan, who are now 11 years old.  Shelly is definitely a fighter and has proven
that again and again.

In the spring of 2016 our new house was finally finished.  Then we had packing to do and all the
things that go with moving into a new house.  John was still working at the hospital so the plan
was to have me and the dogs move while he stayed at the old house waiting for it to be sold.  
The house finally did sell and he was able to officially retire in October of 2016 and move down
to Southwest Florida and our new home.

In May of 2017 I decided to go back to work part-time after being retired for ten years.  The
job took up more time than I had originally anticipated.  I was working five days a week and had
to try and juggle housework, laundry, grocery shopping, etc. on my only two days off.  It's hard
sometimes but I feel I'm adjusting.  This can only get better, right?

Anyway, I'm very happy to finally be putting this page together after six long years.  I have
also completed the personal pages for Autumn, Shelby, Pepper, and Lexi.  My hope is to
continue to provide updates yearly from
Sadly we lost some of our babies during this six-year period.
Sadly, Jeff and his family also lost a beloved family member and Jeff's K-9 partner on the
police force in 2016.  Chase was diagnosed with Bloat after an emergency run to the ER in the
middle of the night.  He passed away during the surgery.
Here are two pictures from the last update page in 2012 when we were in the middle of
remodeling the previous house followed by a few of the pictures after the remodeling.
And now... on to the construction of our new home with as few words as possible.
After the house was completed, we added a screen room and a potty area for the dogs.  Since
we're so close to the canals and the Gulf of Mexico, there are a lot of "birds of prey" in the
area who would just love a small dog supper and most of our dogs are small enough to be
carried away.  So they are never let out in the open backyard without one of us being out there
with them.
Their "bathroom" that we keep filled with
fresh kitty litter and sand.
A fence was also added around the
They have their own doggie door so they
can come and go as they need to.
A shed was added for all the lawn
equipment and outdoor supplies.
Earlier this year we added tile to the screen room area.
We were able to successfully relocate our pet cemetery to our new home.
Below is my Memory Shelf containing personalized Keepsake Boxes that I created myself.  The
boxes contain their leashes, collars, and fur clippings.
Our new home today.
In September of 2017 we were visited by Hurricane Irma.  John, me, and all the dogs went up
to stay with Jeff and his family in Michigan for a much needed vacation as well as the
evacuation.  Fortunately our home didn't suffer any damage at all and we were able to watch
the hurricane live in action on one of our security cameras.
Over the last two years Shelly has adopted three little dogs.  The first was "Doogie" who is a
Chihuahua.  The second one is also a Chihuahua that Shelly named "Chicka".  The third is "Easel",
named because he is a tripod.  He was found in a hole in the Virgin Islands and brought to
Florida.  He had to have his left front leg amputated due to injuries he sustained at one time.  
Shelly chose him because she also had her right leg amputated at the knee in 2015 when she
was in the hospital.  She felt they had a lot in common.
We also welcomed a new dog into our home in April of 2018.  We named her Lexi and she has
quite a story to tell.  You can click
HERE to read her story and find out how she was able to find
us.  But please don't forget to come back to this page.
Lexi came to us with a broken jaw.  It
can't be repaired but it doesn't seem to
bother her.  The vet thinks she can live a
completely normal life.
Amber and Max (DaWeenies of Florida) are now the oldest.  They will turn 15 years old in
January 2019.  Neither one of them has any serious health problems although Amber is now
totally blind.  She has adapted very well to her condition.
Jennie is our last remaining Jack Russell.  At one time there were six including Jennie's
mother, Bailey, and her two older sisters, Sarah and Holly.  Jennie is now 14 years old.
Jennie is now much more comfortable with her nice new haircut.
Next comes Annie who is now 10 years old.
Autumn is also 10 years old.
Before a haircut.   (Above)
After a haircut.   (Below)
Shelby came to live with us at the same time as Autumn.  She is now 6 years old.
Shelby received her very first haircut in 2018.
Sabrina remains with Jeff and his family and is now 16 years old.
Pepper is last in line and was the baby of the family until Lexi came to live with us earlier this
year.  Pepper is now 6 years old.
Some things never change
Years ago at the old house
More recently at the new house
Years ago at the old house
More recently at the new house
Shortly before moving from the previous
house, Pepper discovered the swimming
pool we had and decided she loved
swimming.  She was heartbroken when we
moved and left the pool behind.
After we moved into the new house,
we had to improvise and give Pepper
some water to play with.
(Click on the arrow in the lower left
corner to start the video)
For whatever reason, Pepper always seems to be able to be more comfortable and sleep
better if she has someone to rest her head on.  At night she sleeps at the top of my pillow and
rests her head on my head.  If I'm not there, anyone will suffice.
Big pile of pups.
For this next section I will include some group candid photos taken
over the last six years.
Pepper was the first to welcome Lexi into
our home and they play together
throughout the day.
Before we come to the end of this page, I'd like to share a couple of photos taken from our
patio facing the West and the Gulf of Mexico.  I've seen some beautiful sunsets from that area.
This beautiful photo of a rainbow was also taken
from our patio the afternoon after Holly began her
journey to Rainbow Bridge earlier this year.
And this is me working my part-time job at Walmart!!
And finally here are some photos of the Christmas dogs taken over the last six years.
And of course, this year's Christmas Dog!
Published December 22, 2018
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