A few weeks before we found Autumn and Shelby, I had made some calls to some Chinese
Crested breeders to see if they had any puppies available.  I was looking for another hairless
like DeeDee and April.  I talked to a local breeder who said she didn’t have any available at the
time but would call me if she did have a litter in the future.

A couple months after we brought Autumn and Shelby home I received a call asking me if I
would be interested in a 6-month old hairless that she was trying to find a home for.  “Patty”
grew too large to be show quality and she wanted to find her a good home.  We went to meet
her and agreed to make her part of our family.  Her full name was “Peppermint Patty” and we
chose to just call her Pepper.

Pepper also fit into our family perfectly.  She was also very helpful in convincing Shelby that the
world wasn’t such a scary place after all.  Shelby and Pepper were only 3 months apart in age
and they became best friends almost immediately.

Pepper was a very playful pup and still is almost 7 years later.  Her ball is her favorite toy and
she lets us know when she’s ready to play and won’t take NO for an answer.  At night her
favorite place to sleep is on top of one of our heads.

Pepper has always been a dog with a lot of love to give and she gives it freely to everyone,
especially if there is a ball involved.
Pictures that were sent to me before we actually met
Below are pictures taken after Pepper came to live with us

Pepper and Shelby became good friends almost immediately.  
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Published December 18, 2018