Our second Ginger is the first puppy that
came from a Pet Shop.  A new shopping mall
opened not too far from where we lived.  
Since I was now driving, Mom and I decided
to visit on its grand opening.  Inside the mall
was a Pet Shop.  They carried puppies of
many breeds.  Inside one of the cages was a
black and white puppy that was labeled as a
Chihuahua.  In no way, shape, or form did this
puppy look like a Chihuahua.  Maybe we were
just used to the smallness and the bald
apple-shaped head that little Princess had.  I
questioned the workers in the shop and told
them this puppy looked more like a toy Fox
Terrier.  They insisted it was a Chihuahua,
and I think Mom agreed to take her just to
prove them wrong.  As this pup grew up, it
looked more and more like a Fox Terrier.  
But we loved her.

Why I chose the name "Ginger" I'll never
know.  She certainly wasn't ginger-colored,
she was black and white.  Was I trying to
reincarnate my first Ginger in this puppy?  I
still haven't figured that one out.

Ginger became my Mother's dog.  Or should
I say that my Mother became Ginger's
person?  Wherever my mother went, Ginger
went along except to work.  By this time I
was in my senior year of high school and also
working a part-time co-op job at Chrysler
Corporation's main headquarters in Highland
Park.  I didn't have a lot of time on my hands.

Mom got a ride to and from work from a girl
who worked in her office.  In the morning she
would get picked up at the house, but at
night she was always dropped off at the
corner about a block away.  Grandma would
tell me how Ginger always knew the time that
Mom was due home.  Grandma would watch at
the window for Mom to get out of the car.  
As soon as she saw her walking, she would let
Ginger out the door.  This little dog would
run the whole block to meet Mom.  If
anybody or anything was in her path, she
would just go around and continue running to
meet Mom.  The neighbors would all be
sitting on their porches watching, and Ginger
really became the talk of the neighborhood.

Ginger was still with Mom in 1968 when I got
married and moved away.  I guess because of
this, I was glad that Ginger was bound to
Mom and not to me.  The first months of our
marriage we lived in a place where dogs
weren't allowed.  It would have been very
hard to leave her behind.  At least this way I
knew her life wasn't changing and I could
still visit her often.
Mom playing hide n' seek
with Ginger.  She was
hiding in Ginger's crate.
This is Ginger and me again.  
This is Ginger and me.  The
car was a rental car.
This is Ginger as a puppy.