Dusty just kind of walked into our lives with
Homer (See Homer's Story) one morning in
February of 1996.  We were driving along a
busy highway and noticed them walking
across a field toward the highway.  Homer
jumped right in the car whereas Dusty was a
bit more cautious.  She wasn't about to leave
her friend, Homer, so she didn't try and
escape when John went out to pick her up.  
She seemed to relax as soon as she got in the
car.  She also seemed very relieved to finally
be off the street.

Dusty wasn't in real good physical condition
when we picked her up.  We could tell she
resembled a Sheltie-Australian
Shepherd-Border Collie mix.  We
immediately noticed she also resembled our
first Dusty (See Dusty 1's Story)  We
named her Dusty before we even got back to
the house because of this strong resemblance.

It appeared that Dusty had very recently
been a mother.  Could this have been the
reason she no longer had a home and where
were the puppies?  I can only hope that the
puppies had already been weaned and
transferred to homes of their own.  Dusty
and Homer were both very well trained and
very obedient so I have to believe that they
both had a very good home with caring people
before their misfortune of becoming lost.  
Then the question remains about why didn't
anyone call to inquire about the ad I placed
in the Lost and Found section of the
newspaper.  I guess these are all questions
that will never be answered.

We took Dusty to the vet for a complete
checkup.  She was underweight and her hair
was thinned out with many bald patches.  She
was diagnosed as heartworm positive and had
to undergo treatments immediately.

After Dusty recovered from the heartworm
treatments and was put on a nutritious diet,
her hair became full and very long.  She
became a beautiful dog.  We can only
estimate her age but we believe she is now
close to 10 years old.  Fortunately, the
heartworm disease didn't do any permanent

Dusty is a very loyal and loving dog just as
her companion, Homer, was.  She loves to
travel in the car, even if it's just to the
corner store.  I believe  that she doesn't
care where she is, as long as she's near her
family.  She will never have to live the life of
a stray again.
My precious Dusty, you left us and returned to Heaven and to your best friend, Homer,
only two days ago.  Your departure has left a huge void in our home and an empty
space in our hearts.  You were in perfect health all the years that you lived with us,
the only exception being the heartworm disease you brought with you when you first
came into our lives so long ago.  We were surprised when the vet estimated your age to
be at least 4 years old when we picked you up that day.  That would have made you 18
years old when you returned to Heaven.  Three months ago when you had your annual
physical, all your tests came back with very good results.  Then a month ago your
kidneys failed and for the first time, your health deteriorated.  Then you told us it
was time for you to go.  You lived a good and very happy life, but that life had to end
and a new life would begin for you at the Bridge.

You were always considered to be the wise one of our pack.  You would always sit
quietly and watch everything that was going on, never interfering and always accepting
whatever was handed to you.  You were the foster Mom to all the young puppies that
passed through our home over the years.  Those puppies sure enjoyed pulling on your
long beautiful fur, sometimes pulling it right out, but you never complained.  

We felt so helpless as we watched you grieve for Homer when he had a heart attack
and went to Rainbow Bridge back in 2001.  You and Homer were obviously together for
a long time before we met you both on that highway in 1996.  After Homer’s death you
really didn’t bond with any of the other dogs in the way you did with Homer.  But you
certainly did bond with John and me.  

My sweet girl, you were so very special to us.  The most important reason we feel this
way is the fact that you chose us to spend your life with.  We will always remember
you and keep you alive in our hearts.

(Dusty’s original story continues below)