Bella's Story
Little Bella came into our lives quite unexpectedly.  Ever since we adopted
Lexi two years ago, I continue to get notifications from the rescue when
new dogs are offered for adoption.  One morning while John was driving me
to work, I received my daily email listing the dogs recently offered for
adoption.  There she was, little fuzzy face and all.  I fell in love with her
instantly and showed her picture to John.  He said she looked like a little
“wookie”.  I started reading more about her and found she was taken in by
the very same rescue that Lexi came from.  As soon as I got to work I sent
a text message to the representative at the rescue that had arranged for
Lexi’s adoption.  She sent a text message back to me saying they had
already received 10 applications for her that morning since her photo was
posted but that since we already adopted from them in the past, we would
have first choice if we were interested in adopting her.  We went to visit
her at her foster home the following day and brought her back home with us.

The rescue gave her the name “LuLu” but somehow she looked more like a
“Bella”.  So that day Bella started her new life.

Bella’s history is a very sad one.  She spent her entire life in a puppy mill
down in Miami popping out puppies for the mill.  She probably didn’t know
any other life than that of living in a cage 24/7 and raising her puppies the
best that she could.  I’m sure she was a very good mother but those days
are behind her now.

Our vet estimates that Bella is about 4 or 5 years old.  She seems very
smart and learns quickly.  She loves going on shopping trips and gets very
excited when she sees us getting ready to go somewhere.  She is very tiny….
only 6 pounds.  She does a little dance at feeding time because she really
loves to eat.  At this rate she won’t have her “girly” figure for very long.

We feel very lucky to have Bella in our lives now.  It will be so rewarding to
see her blossom as she forgets the horrible life she had before she was
rescued from the abusive life of a puppy mill breeder dog.

Bella, you are safe and loved now.
Bella's first ride with us to her new home.
Bella meets Lexi for the
first time.
An instant
friendship is
What do we do with all this hair?
What do you think about your
new life, little one?
You seem to be enjoying
the good life!
Your first trip to the
groomer.  She said you
were so good and loved all
the attention!
You had a busy day and all
ready for bed.
Pepper looks so big next to
Girl Talk?

Enjoying the fresh air with Shelby.
Published 4/16/20