Amber's Story
My sweet girl.  I still remember so well the day we first met you at the breeder's home.  You
were only 3 days old.  And you were so tiny compared to your 4 brothers.  We were finally able
to bring you and your brother, Max, home when you were about 8 or 9 weeks old.  Somehow the
years we had with you went by too quickly and now you're at the Bridge.  I miss you so much.  A
big piece of my heart went with you.

You were such a fighter right up until the end.  Last summer you were diagnosed with kidney
failure.  Your wonderful vet suggested daily fluid treatments to wash all the toxins from your
body.  Even though your little back turned into a sprinkler by the end of the first week, you
were getting better.  You were put on a new medication and some supplements and thankfully
the treatments and medication worked and you were in total remission.  Your kidneys were
completely normal once again.  But on December 14 things suddenly changed.  You started to
refuse your special kidney diet food and you were out of remission.  We tried to repeat the
fluid treatments but it didn't work this time.  The vet said to feed you anything you would eat
so you wouldn't starve, so for a little while you were eating the same food as the others.  But
your kidneys continued to fail and eventually we had to make the most painful decision a pet
parent can make.  We had to let you begin your journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

You may click
HERE to visit Amber and Max's page but please return as I have tried to put
together a special tribute here for my baby.
We met you at the breeder's
home when you were 3 days
At 12 days old you opened
your eyes.  Such beautiful
eyes that would one day go
On your first day home you
were introduced to your other
siblings.  Angel was the first
one you met.
Serena took you for your first
walk into the backyard.
Still so little.
You adored your brother, Max.
It was the first thing in the
morning.....every morning.
This grooming ritual continued
through the years.
At an early age you started a
daily ritual of grooming each
Playtime with Max was endless.
More playtime with Max.
It wasn't unusual to find the
two of you cuddled together.  
Max is missing you too.
Your beautiful auburn fur just
You enjoyed laying on the
lounge chair by the pool in the
Holidays were always special
for you.
But oh so beautiful.
As you got older, you remained
very tiny.
As you reached adulthood, you
were the perfect weenie dog.
Always so full of love.
You had your first real
boo-boo in 2009 when you
were chasing your brother up
the stairs and tried to take 2
stairs at once.  The stairs
won as you crashed into the
top one.  Good thing it was a
carpeted step but it still did a
lot of damage.  But you
recovered quickly.
You were always happy, no
matter what.
You loved getting into my box
of yarn and unwind all the
balls of yarn.
And probably one of the
silliest pups I ever knew!
But you knew how to wrap us
around your little paw.
Such a sweet disposition all
the time.
But when you felt like it, you
sure could have an attitude!
Little Queen on her throne.
The perfect hostess when
company came to visit, even
though the company was ten
times larger than you.
Always waiting for attention.
So you had to find another way!
You loved to eat but you were
too small to reach the food bin.
Loved sitting with her Daddy
when he was on the computer.
The two of you came to be
known as:
DaWeenies of Florida
Then the fun really started.  
You got to meet so many
wonderful people and pets
from all around the world.
In January of 2011 we let you
start your own blog along with
your brother as your sidekick.
There was always something
fun going on in Blogville.
Always full of complete trust
in us.
Contests to be won.  Meet
Shamrock from Wells Fargo
Getting ready for Pirate Day!
Can't forget Howl-O-Weenie!
And A Happy 4th of July!
Happy Easter in Blogville!
We look good, Matey!
Or Christmas!
Can't forget those birthday
celebrations.  This was your
9th birthday party.
You were a bridesmaid for a
blogging friend in England.  
Your dress was made in
England just for the occasion.
And you wore it proudly for
the rest of your life.
You received a Paws for Peace
medal from your blogging
friend, Sugar.
Merry Christmas!
You loved to pose for pictures!
All dressed up for the holidays!
Sadly throughout your
lifetime, you lost your sight
little by little.  You had just
enough sight left when we
moved into our new home in
2016 so you could learn the
layout of the house.  Shortly
after that, your world went
totally dark but you managed
like a real trooper.
The picture above was the very last picture taken of Amber just before we left on that last ride
to the vet's office.  The pain of losing her is still so sharp.  She will always be remembered with
love.  Rest in Heavenly Peace, my sweetheart.  We will be together again one day.
You were still so beautiful in
the last months of your life.